About us


Our company started in 2020, with a mission of providing you with our best service and help you earn your favorite gift cards, while protecting you from any scam that may occur.
We are designed to protect our users from any harms and risks by believing in clarity and clearness.


We are a passionate team that is filled with talented professionals dedicated to come up with inspired solutions that will help you earn gift cards.
We use our creativity and diversity to drive your goal forward. So that your journey to earn the cards will be faster and better.


Our Website promote the idea that gaining your gift card in today's world that is full of scammers starts with a safe website. We can provide you the protection needed and guarantee you the safety of your information.
We have established a custom roadmap to meet the expectations of each of our customers and guide them through a safe path.

What WE DO ?

Our ambition is to accompany you and make sure that our users are protected. By facilitating the process that will lead you to earn some exciting prizes and without paying anything. The only thing you have to do is complete the tasks.
Our team have the ability to navigate complexity to make it easier and risk-free for you to use our website and earn points.


Since day one, DominoRewards.com primary committed to protecting our website's users in everything it does by limiting the amount of data we ask for to provide you with our service, to encrypting it and implement features to keep your information from exposing.
We are here to give you gift cards in exchange for investing your 10 minutes into every day's tasks that you do online.
Earn these points through answering surveys and playing games...


As we provide top quality service to our advertisers as well as to our users across the world.
This make us becoming experts in our field. Our website promotes the idea that growing a brand in today's start with trust and professionalism.
We will be so fortunate to work with you and be sure to attain the given tasks. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to collaborate.